Ninja Creami Recipes

If you’re looking for Ninja Creami recipes that you make in a Ninja ice cream maker you’ve come to the right place. All of these ninja creami recipes are simple to make, small batch, and creamy and delicious.

We love making Ninja creami recipes and we love the Ninja Ice Cream Maker. The Ninja Creami makes ice cream making simple, and fun.

There are lots of ice cream flavors to make, and we’re sharing some of our favorites that you can make in a Ninja ice cream maker.

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For a frozen treat to be qualified as ice cream, the mixture used to make the ice cream must be no less than 10% milkfat. The higher the fat, the creamier the texture.

Sorbet isn’t technically ice cream. Sorbet is its own category, we’re considering it loosely related to ice cream. Plus, we really wanted to share sorbet recipes. You can also make sorbet in the Ninja Creami.

The Ninja Creami can make other types of frozen desserts as well.

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The Ninja Creami is a Ninja ice cream maker that helps you make different frozen desserts, like ice cream, sorbet, sherbets, gelato, milkshakes, etc. It works similar to a blender, but they don’t like to think of it that way.


According to the Ninja ice cream maker manufacturer instructions, you first fill the pints with whatever ice cream or sorbet mixture you’ll be using and then freeze for 24 hours. Do you have to freeze it for 24 hours? Ninja says, Yes, it’s best to, otherwise it may not thicken.

After 24 hours remove the lid and place the pint into the ninja creami dock, and lock it into place. Select the mode you want and start it. When the mode is finished, the Ninja Creami will show that it’s finished.

If you decide to add any add-ins, you can add them in and press the mix button until they are mixed in.

That’s it. Pretty easy, right? The Ninja Creami does look a bit like a ninja ice cream maker married a blender, but we love how sleek it is.

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Hopefully you find something that you like. If you love making ice cream, check out our post on Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker recipes next.

Here are a few Ninja Creami Recipes that we’ve collected:

Vanilla Ninja Creami Recipe

Chocolate Ninja Creami Recipe

Chocolate Chip Ninja Creami Recipe

Lemon Cookie Ninja Creami Recipe

Death by Chocolate Ninja Creami Recipe

Cookies and Cream Ninja Creami Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Ninja Creami Recipe

Creamsicle Ninja Creami Recipe

Mint Cookies and Cream Ninja Creami Recipe

Lavender Cookies and Cream Ninja Creami Recipe

Strawberry Ninja Creami Recipe

Blue Raspberry Ninja Creami Recipe

Ninja Creami Apple Pie Ice Cream Recipe

Ninha Creami Pistachio Ice Cream

Did you make any of these Ninja Creami Recipes in the Ninja Ice Cream Maker? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.


Follow Directions: Please follow the manufacturers instructions for using, cleaning, and storing the Ninja Creami. The ninja ice cream maker works very differently than other ice cream makers.

Follow a Recipe: It’s best to try tested ninja creami recipes before experimenting.

Wait 24 hours: It’s best to give your pint the full 24 hours to freeze.

Add-ins: Wait until the end of the cycle before adding in your add-ins. Don’t add too many, or the Ninja Creami may jam, and the ice cream won’t be as creamy. Stick to 1/4 cup or so.

Low Sugar: There are some lower sugar ninja creami recipes. Check on the Ninja Test Kitchen for ideas and recipes.


The Ninja Creami makes 1 pint, which is 4 servings. We like to split a pint. You do you.

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